Michigan's leading vertically-integrated pharmaceutical medical cannabis company.

At Michigan Pure Med we envision being the leading provider of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis. Our goal is to provide Michigan patients with premium products, safe access and individualized services across the state of Michigan.

what is cannabis?

Cannabis is the term for the flowering plant that comes in three different species: Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. At MPM, we grow varieties from both sativa and indica species, as well as many hybrid variations. Cannabis contains hundreds of compounds, of which more than 100 are cannabinoids. Among cannabinoids, THC and CBD are the most studied to date.

What cannabis is right for me?

There is more to choosing the right cannabis medicine than you might think. The level of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids are important pieces of the puzzle. Yet, many varieties have their own unique mixture of terpenoids. The terpenoid profile is what determines the scents and flavours of the different varieties. It plays an important role in how each variety of cannabis impacts each patient. The different variety selection process can have a significant effect on your course of treatment. Cannabis has been know to effectively aid in: Chronic pain, epileptic seizures, cancer prevention, and glaucoma.


CBD shows in studies to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. It encourages symptomatic benefits for patients with IBD. It has been used successfully as an anti-anxiety and seizure reduction agent.


Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) provides therapeutic benefits as an analgesic, anti-nauseate, sleep enhancer, appetite stimulant, and mood stimulant. THC causes psychoactive experiences.

what we do


Featuring the latest in modern agri-technology harnessing the sun combined with lean manufacturing principles, MPM's greenhouses and manufacturing campus design will exceed cGMP level standards and will be the premium medical cannabis.


Our facility design exceeds cGMP standards and will be iso9000 compliant. We will have multiple consumer products with a focus on enhanced delivery methods including pens, time release capsules, and topicals.


Through our storefronts we want to provide safe access to pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana products and individualized services to improve our patients' lives and promote the well-being of Michiganders.


We're a Michigan-based grower and producer of best-in-
class cannabis products for the Michigan market.

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100 YRS combined management
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house experience

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Bringing science to the art of cannabis. MPM is dedicated to improving patient lives with strategic investments in this exciting new field.

Operational excellence

There is deep experience and solid understanding of how to grow and produce large-scale quantities for less. Achieving this is through low cost production; MPM will never compromise quality over cost.

Organically grown

We believe in transparency of where your cannabis comes from. Locally grown, processed, and sold.

Quality patient centered care

Our promise to Michigan patients; we will be known for superior quality cannabis production, products, and service.